Writelog Contest Modules by DL1EFD

Hi, I am Carsten, DL1EFD, now G0SYP. You can get some Contest Modules for W5XD"s Writelog that I have written below.

73 de Carsten, DL1EFD/G0SYP

Supported Contests

Currently there are modules included for the following contests:


The current installer for my modules is now hosted directly on the Writelog web site. Please use the link on writelog.com to get the current installer that works for Writelog versions 11 and 12!

Only if you are still using Writelog version 10, use the installer below.

Download WLCM_DL1EFD_080414.exe (Version of April 14, 2008)

Usage (IARU Region 1 V/U/SHF)

For the IARU V/U/SHF Contest, remember to go to "Contest->Parameter Setup" to input your Locator. Also if you want to make QSOs on more than one band, go to "Setup->Sort Order Serial Numbers" to select "QSO serial numbers are seperate by band". The Rich Text template for the summary sheet does not look very good if opened with Wordpad but it is very close to the Original Summary Sheet when opened in MS Word.

Summary Sheet files for DIG QP were missing from Install.
Updated DARC Xmas and 10m category names.
Fixed Multiplier calculation for WAG from DX. Updated WAG category names.
Added Categories for DL-DX RTTY
Rule change in DARC Xmas Contest, STF Header corrected for WAG from DX
Fixed bugs in Iaru VUS Contest.
Fixed Install of HSC Contest.
Added DIG QSO Party and IARU Region 1 V/U/SHF Contests, bugfixes for DL-DX-RTTY, updated rules for HSC Contest, AGCW QRP-/QRP-Party and DARC 10m.
Corrected scoring of DX contacts in DL-DX-RTTY Contest
Added DL-DX RTTY Contest. All applicable modules have the "Multiplier worth x minutes" feature in current Writelog versions. I am still not sure this makes sense in the second part of HSC contest.
Added Support for the AGCW QRP-/QRP-Party
DARC 10m STF file did not include serial no. fixed. Also some minor changes to STF output in the other contests
Added HSC Contest and DARC Xmas Contest modules
the fieldday module would not produce .stf files when you entered a callsign with slash (like /p) in the parameter setup. Fixed.
renamed file names for fieldday module to avoid conflicts with RSGB fieldday module to be released by Simon G4EAG
minor change to the fieldday module, fixed setup problems
first public release


Please send questions, suggestions and bug reports to dl1efd@rrdxa.de


You might also want to have a look at the Homepage of the Rhein Ruhr DX Association.

updated 29 February 2016